Slotted & Cross-Drilled Rotors

Slotted & Drilled Rotors
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of performance slotted and cross drilled rotors. Royalty Rotors offers a high quality performance rotor line that fills the huge gap between plain rotors and expensive performance rotors.

Performance Rotors at Plain Rotor Prices!

  Incredible Prices - Half the cost of most major brands

  Quality Second to None - State-of-the-art slotting / drilling performed in-house

  Lifetime Warranty - We stand behind our products for life

  Cross-Drilled Designs - Chamfered, cross-drilled designs degas brake pads and decrease rotor heat, making the braking system more effective

  Slotted Designs - Grooved slots carefully milled to deglaze disc brake pads, reduce fade, and minimize brake dust and debris within the braking system

  Custom Silver Zinc Plating Formula - Helps prevent rusting & enhances the appearance of vehicles


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